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Split recordings with a GoPro? Yes, it’s possible! Split Gadgets enable you with the Split Foto Dome Port.

The DomePort serves as an additional optical element and solves three problems of underwater-photography caused by air, water and light.Without mentioning the technical details – it brings your pictures to sharper focus! The visual field is extended und underwater enlargement is reduced.

All these variables usually require professional equipment and an experienced DLSR-photographer. But now, with a GoPro which owns mentioned details, everybody will manage to do split recordings in the future!

pictures from Split Gadgets

We tested Split Foto DOME Port for you!

For this purpose, we met the owner of the Underwater Photo Academy Vienna and asked him to work with this gadget.

First of all, Martin was skeptical about the gadget, because he is used to work with professional equipment. After some first step difficulties concerning the hardware and adjustment, he started to enjoy the Split Doom. We have tested the gadget under good lightning conditions and in an indoor pool, where the conditions were not as good.

Here you can see a short film from our test in the indoor swimming pool of Neusiedl (Burgenland/Austria).

Conclusion of Martin

„It’s a great gadget for a little money, which implicates a lot of fun. Even tho there is some development potential to improve further. In my opinion the curve of the water should be marked visible on the back to show if you have focused the water line correctly. Furthermore, it would be an advantage, if there would be a little window showing the mode you are currently using. In addition to that, a possibility to switch mode without disassembling the whole construction would be great. But bottom line the results are very positive and better than I did expect!

Following options are available by SPLIT!


SPLIT DOME Port with a carbon handle for GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 3+ und GoPro Hero 4 cameras.

$149.95 (roughly € 135,-)

SPLIT NEOPRENE cover for your DOME

This cover protects your DOME while you don’t use is.

$22.95 (roughly € 20,-)


SPLIT DOME Port with Carbon handle for GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Hero 4 cameras.

$168.90 (roughly € 151,-)

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